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Anti-Communist activists (during 1957-1959) claimed that Communists controlled important parts of the U. government and the United Nations; During 1959, Walker met publisher Robert Welch.The latter man had just initiated the John Birch Society to promote his anti-communist opinions, one of which was that President Eisenhower was a communist.Walker was born in Texas in Kerr County in the community of Center Point, in the Texas Hill Country.He graduated during 1927 from the New Mexico Military Institute.

Walker was the target of an assassination attempt in his home on April 10, 1963, but escaped serious injury by the attack when a bullet fired from outside hit a window frame and fragmented.he would arrange protection for them and their families, if necessary, and also supervise their transportation to and from the school for their safety." During that time, Walker repeatedly protested to President Eisenhower that using Federal troops to enforce racial integration was against his conscience.Although he obeyed orders and successfully integrated Little Rock High School, he began listening to segregationist preacher Billy James Hargis and oil tycoon H. Hunt, whose anti-communist radio program Life Line was funded by conservative activist and publisher Dan Smoot.According to Walker, his alleged instruction to soldiers as how to vote would later be disproved.The allegation was based on an article in the division newspaper that provided information as to how to fill out absentee ballots.This time, President Kennedy accepted his resignation.Walker said: "It will be my purpose now, as a civilian, to attempt to do what I have found it no longer possible to do in uniform." During December 1961, as a civilian, Walker began a career of political speeches along with Hargis. I call for a national protest against the conspiracy from within.He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated during 1931.Walker's experience was as an artilleryman, but during World War II, he commanded a sub-unit of the Canadian-American First Special Service Force.This assertion surprised General Walker because it coincided with the segregationist argument of Reverend Billy James Hargis that the Civil Rights Movement was a communist plot. President Eisenhower denied Walker's request for resignation and offered him command over more than 10,000 troops in Augsburg, Germany, specifically the 24th Infantry Division. He began promoting his "Pro-Blue" indoctrination program for troops, which included a reading list of materials from Billy James Hargis and the John Birch Society.On August 4, 1959, Walker submitted his resignation to the U. The name "Pro-Blue," said Walker, was intended to suggest "anti-Red." He later wrote that the Pro-Blue program was based upon his experiences in Korea, where he saw "hastily mobilized and deployed soldiers 'bug out' in the face of Communist units with inferior equipment and often smaller numbers. Roosevelt onward had been communists, its opinions were considered too controversial politically for a U. general to advocate; military officers were not supposed to engage in politics at all.

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